Friday, 22 July 2011

An email response...

Recently  a friend suggested a catch up in ASK. We couldn't believe they had taken our fave dish off the menu. So... jokingly (half joking) I sent a message through their website asking why it had been taken off. Below is the response I got. It's been copied and pasted as it contains personal details and I dont like stalkers...

Dear *******,
Apologies for the late reply

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment in the removal of Penne Pasana. This dish has been on our menu for a long time and we had to deliberate long and hard before deciding to remove it. Please accept my sincere apologies, I am sure there will be a dish that you will enjoy equally on the new menu in time.
I will organise to send you some vouchers and may be you could return to ASK, And also if you ask the chef at your next visit, he may make this dish for you.
Apologies once again for the late reply

Kind Regards

Jeena Rodrigues

Head of Food

A turn out for the books, I'm sure you'll agree!

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